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Metoclopramide is a drug used to alleviate nausea, and it works by interfering with the signals in the body which are communicated from the CTZ (chemoreceptor trigger zone) to initiate the spasming reflex which results in sickness. The drug is a generic version of Maxolon, which also contains metoclopramide, and is manufactured by Actavis. In most cases the dose will be three tablets a day, and a recommended course will not last for more than five days.

Nausea is a condition characterised by the feeling of sickness, or need to be sick. A lot of the time, it can result in actual sickness, or vomiting. There are a number of reasons why someone may experience the sensation. It can sometimes be an expected side effect of treatment for a serious illness, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. At other times, it may one of the symptoms of an impending migraine, also known as aura. Sometimes it can come about as a result of disturbance in the gut.

Simply put, the feeling occurs when an irritated part of the body sends messages to the CTZ. This irritant might be certain nerves in the stomach in cases where the gut is struggling to digest food. The CTZ may also respond to the presence of medicinal chemicals in the blood, such as those used in chemotherapy, or the inflammatory substances released by the brain during the early stages of a migraine.

When active, the CTZ then sends signals via a chemical neurotransmitter, called dopamine, to the vomiting centre. It is the vomiting centre from which signals that cause feelings of sickness and spasming in the gut originate. The active constituent of metoclopramide, which is a drug of the same name, works in the chemoreceptor trigger zone to limit the activity of dopamine. This stops the chemical sequence which results in nausea.

This drug is an example of a generic medicine. This means that it is a licensed but non-branded version of a name product, on which the sole production patent has expired. It is important to know which products are available for licensed reproduction when buying treatment online, as some less reputable sites may claim to sell generics which do not yet legally exist.



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