All medicines are legitimate drug companies, so make sure you have ordered the right medicine you want.

If your delivery does not arrive within the timeframe expected then please contact us within 7 days to let us know. We will provide further information at the time of contact, but the standard practice for a delivery will likely involve you having to make a claim to the carrier that failed to deliver. You may be required to wait for a specific period for the delivery to arrive before submitting such a claim. This will vary from carrier to carrier.

Faithmedicals do not accept any liability for any costs incurred or damage caused due to late delivery of an item by a third party. You will be expected to comply with all requests to provide information to us or a carrier in the event of a missing delivery, and failure to do so may result in your claim being rejected.

We receive payment via Western Union and Moneygram. Ask us for payment information before sending money.

All payment information is not permanent, it varies each time and you receive different payment details for each order.
After receiving payment information, you must submit payment for three days, except. Weekends on weekends.

Other payment information will cease and we will not accept payment on this payment information, so you must change the payee name for the payment.
We will send you all payment information to send money via the email address to our website and you will receive a response from us within 24 hours.

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